Animal Assisted Therapy


‘Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no question, they pass no criticisms’ – George Elliot.

Therapy dog Fudge

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) in counselling incorporates an animal into the therapists work in order to maximise the therapeutic benefits for the client. Animals offer so many benefits to us as humans, one of these being unconditional acceptance. They don’t mind who we are, what we may have done or what we look like and alongside this they are completely non-judgemental.

Child psychologist Boris Levinson was the first trained clinician to introduce and record the benefits of companion animals in counselling. Boris used his dog Jingles as his co-therapist and noted significant progress with the children he worked with.

Having an animal present during a therapy session can add to the safe and non-judgemental environment provided by the counsellor. Working alongside an animal, for some clients, makes it easier to express difficult feelings and experiences.

Fudge maybe available for some sessions if requested, please contact me for more details.